Bhera Mansha Rezala


Creamy Lamb Curry

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Bhera Mancha Rezala Creamy Lamb Curry (serves 4)

A very rich dish, this is suited to lamb, goat or other protein of your choice.
Add a can of tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes) for a bolognaise style sauce, or to enjoy this mic as a curry add coconut milk, a handful of fresh green chillies, a few drops of rosewater or coriander and flaked almonds.


Medium Heat Vegan Contains Nuts Dairy Free

V,VG,GF – onion – garlic- nuts – dried fruit – sugar – stock – chilli (May contain traces of sulphite, gluten and tree nuts)

A selection of culinary herbs and spices – dried, from the delicate to the pungent, aromatic to hot, carefully selected to make this dish just right!


For best results we recommend Slow Cooker , Pot or Camp Oven

Mix contents of the jar a can 400g can of tomato (or fresh tomatoes) and protein of your choice. Or if you want to enjoy this mix as curry, make it up with 1x400g can of coconut milk and protein of your choice.


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