Harmony Joints


For flexible yoga like movements!

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Harmony Joints Soup (serves 4)

Harmony JointsHarmony Joints is packed with fibre, turmeric, chilli and a whole host of nutrients that help lower inflammation.

Enjoy it as a traditional dahl or have it as a soup.

Try adding freshly chopped coriander, tomato and lemon, or for a real flavour, add preserved lemons.



Medium Heat Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free

V,VG,GF – lentils – beans – dried fruit – chilli – nigella – garlic (May contain traces of sesame, soy, sulphite, gluten and tree nuts)


A selection of culinary herbs and spices – dried, from the delicate to the pungent, aromatic to hot, carefully selected to make this dish just right!


For best results we recommend Slow Cooker, Pot or Camp Oven

Mix contents of the jar with 1.5 Litres of Water stir and simmer until tender.
If desired, you may wish to add meat, poultry or a plant based protein.


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