Peshi Korma


Creamy Beef Curry


Peshi Korma Creamy Beef Curry (serves 4)

Peshi Korma Creamy Beef CurryBahukara’s Pesh Korma is based on the Moghul curry suited to red meats, however is equally satisfying with mushrooms, lentils or peas.

Dress with fresh coriander and cashew nuts for a trip to the Sub-Continent.


Medium Heat Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free

V,VG,GF – onion – garlic – nuts – dried fruit – sugar – stock – chilli


A selection of culinary herbs and spices – dried, from the delicate to the pungent, aromatic to hot, carefully selected to make this dish just right!


For best results we recommend Slow Cooker , Pot or Camp Oven

Lightly fry the bottle ingredients, add protein of your choice and quickly brown.
Add a can of coconut milk and set in your slow cooker.


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